About DeusExMachina

DeusExMachina is a young independent video production and
visual effects studio.
Founded in 2010 in Turin, Italy, It is  focused on developing and
producing original contents for all areas of entertainment.
Our primary interest is telling intriguing and exciting adventure,
action, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and horror stories through film,
animation and digital art.
For this reason DeusExMachina combines video production with
digital post-production, focusing on the integration of digital
visual effects in live-action shooting.
The company relies both on the artistic and technical skills of the
founders  and on a network of international collaborators keen on
DeusExMachina is currently in production on several exciting projects.


Einaudi, INRI, G&G armament, Linea 77, Fargo films, Geox breathes,
Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Umberto Allemandi & CO. Editore,
Redken NYC, Redbull,  Carta bianca Chambery,
City of Almeria – Andalusia, Spain –
Creative services

The team works on production and post-production
of short films, videoclips and movies, visual effects,
3D animation, documentaries and tv commercials.


-video and film shooting
-direction of photography
-video and film direction
-editing & color correction


(storyboard, animatics, concept design)
-CGI Models & Environments
(photo-realistic environments, set extensions,
vehicles, props and characters)
-VFX compositing


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